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I posted earlier to this as i was getting off my pain meds and taking suboxone. My advice then is much different than my advice now. If you are in pain you should find a NEW DOCTOR who will treat your pain. Do not feel guilt for taking medicine to take away your pain. take the stuff and live your life. Get into a pain management clinic. they will not think you are a junkie when you ask them for more. of course, you can't be obnoxious with it though. You have a valid reason for taking these pain meds and you should be treated as such. I am back on my Methadone for my chronic upper back pain (military medicine did me in for life) and i am living my life again. did i get addicted to them? oh, hell yes! did i crave them? no. i just physically was addicted but you know what? i no longer feel like a junkie for that. i realize i was a pain management patient and NEED that to be able to take care of my kids and house and live my life! SO.......FIND A NEW DOCTOR WHO WILL ADDRESS YOUR NEEDS, CONCERNS, PAINS, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress!

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