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Re: New here
Apr 13, 2009
10 days? hey there, you guys are doing great. your now in the psychological stage. this is the hard part. your brain is whats giving you bad feelings now...not the opiates. you are WANTING, not needing. i've been there. i was addicted for 12 long years to oxycontin...the psycho stage almost got me. if you can keep busy it helps. i went out and ran. ran so hard i would almost pass out. i also kept a book with me. when i would start thinking about that "warm glow in the gut" that opiates gave me, i would pick up that book, open it anywhere and start reading out loud until the bad thoughts passed. i musta read the whole darn book 20 times..haha. by the way, the book was the bible. just keep reminding yourself you don't physically need the dope. the brain is sometimes a little slow to get it's butt in gear and start producing the natural feel good stuff, but make no mistake, it will. when i was going thru this, no-one could tell me that. i was convinced i'd feel like the devil for the rest of my life. needless to say, i was wrong. good luck....
Re: New here
Apr 15, 2009
If you are at 10-11 days, things should start to even out a bit more as far as the physical symptoms go. You have fought a hard battle, but you can keep it up because you are both worth the effort.

I helped my husband through two separate addictions to two different substances. One before we got married, and then another after we were married. He has been clean from the first addiction for 18 years and from the second addiction for 13 or 14 years.

As far as the sleepless issue goes try either Melatonin or Valerian Root. They can both be purchased at your local health food store and I think Walmart may carry it as well. The Valerian Root helped my hubby quite a bit. Also LOTS of excercise will make your body start producing those natural "feel good" endorphins which is what taking the opiates did when you were taking them. If you exercise prior to going to bed, it will also help with the sleep.

I Ditto the hot bath suggestion already made as well.

I haven't read every word of all the replys, so if I have repeated anything I apologize.

You and your husband keep chugging along because you can get through this. Anything worth having (especially healing from any addiction) is worth fighting for.

Best wishes to both of you. You guys will get to the top of this hill, look back and be so thankful you worked for it!

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