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How much does a person have to drink to cause their body to reek of alcohol even when they are sober? It seems to be coming out of their pores although they deny drinking.
oh im going to guess an say alot....? more than folks that have a drink once a week. it sounds like the person is in denial about it. AA is in your local phone book:) lots of booze the night before can reak all day at work . its a terrible smell .
Okay this may be a stretch but I had a female friend who was using essential oils that smelled just like vodka. I had to say something and finally we figured out what it was. That is the pollyanna in me. Hope it is something like that.
I have a friend with the same issue. I have often had to drive him here or there, and that odor lingers in my vehicle long after he gets out. I think there might be some lack of personal hygiene that adds to the problem. It's a quite distinctive smell, to put it mildly. This person drinks straight vodka everyday, with beer in between. I wish the best for your friend, as mine has already given up. It is heartbreaking to watch, but impossible to "fix".

Good luck to you.
theres an easy explanation for the body odor: a long-time drinker has injured the liver enough for the toxins to be EXCRETED not adsorbed. eventually, the brain is affected by the toxins, hence the inability to "think" after a good bender. EASY CURE: drink green or black tea, plenty of vitamin C, and plenty of rest/sleep. become addicted to positive things, like working out, exploring nature, kayaking, et al....even reading. I fight to this day. love to binge-drink. "the horror"
I'm not an alcoholic (I'm an addcit) and my husband has told me I wreak of alcohol the day after I've been out at a bar with friends. Although I only had a few drinks, I apparently smelled like a drunk (his words).

You can't say someone is in denial just because they smell of alcohol!

If you suspect this person is not telling the truth, try approaching them in a positive manner. For example, say "Hey, I can smell alcohol when I'm near you. Did you have a few drinks last night (insert laugh here)" :) It may help the person to open up, as opposed to getting defensive (if it seems like a stab at him/her).

It is possible to fix any addiction, but the addict/alcoholic has to "want" to address it. It's your classic heartbreak - we are programmed to want to help those who are suffering, and it's very hard to watch someone waste their life away. I hope your friend is ok, please let us know :)

I can smell when my husband is a sweaty-stale odor. What is this a sign of. He can have 1 drink and he reeks. I cannot stand this smell.

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