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how do i prevent getting sick from a 750 mg percocet
Hello Bogart,

Welcome to the boards. 750 is only the acetaminophen content. This particular percocet has 7.5mg of ocycodone. You can take it with milk or food. If you are still getting sick, ask your prescribing doctor to give you a script for a stomach pill (Zantac, Pantaloc etc.).

Good luck, let us know how things go.

Make sure you don't take more than 4 pills a day because of the acetaminophen content. Four pills at 750 mg acetaminophen is 3000 mg, which is the limit that the drug manufacture recommends as a maximum daily dose. Exceeding that about is making you susceptible to liver damage.

I took my Percs with a little food or milk beforehand and I didn't have any problems.
thats 4000 mgs per day 3000 if you have liver problems . thats what the pdr says :)
Have you tried any other perscription? It is to my knowledge that everyone reacts differently to medications. Maybe your body is reacting to something in the medication and you need to check it out. You may find out that you are hurting yourself more than helping.

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