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Re: Suboxone
May 2, 2009
iI am an alcoholic, My dr knows this . I think his drug of choice was cocaine. He has five years clean after many relapse. I have had no relapses in the nine years going on ten that i have clean.\

iWhen i had the hip replacement i make the nurses take away the moriphne because without alcohol mixed with it, I didnt like it. could not sleep for five days.

They sent me home wit lortabs and i took them for a cpl days and threw the rest away. NO drugs for the next seven years. That was five months ago

It got to where i could not work without hurting . ankel, hip,, sholder and elbow hurting to where I could not perform my work.

I took it upon myself to go to the orthopecdic and get the lortabs. three aday at 10mg

I decided at my age 56 i should get a regular dr for prostate test, blood pressure etc. I told him i was on lortab and how many. He knows I am an alcholic and drug addict. althogh drugs was not my preffered drug, an addict is an addict sort of speak.

I have noticed my peace of mind is NOT the same as it was before I started taking the lortab. I got a little hi in the begginning but as we all knowthe tolerance build up. I do not get hi with the three aday. I have not noticed withdrawel because i have not tried to quit. I know what to expect because I have quit xannex and speed and other drug to know what it feels like.

But I do sometinmes take between 4 and 5, not for pain. SO there may be a concern. I was thinking of tapering off them go back to one or two.

Then my current dr told me about the sub. he will be monitering me close.

I think he is concerned I will get hooked on the lortab, he may be right I do not know.

if the sub takes care of the pain and i do not get hi or alter my moods that will be a good thing. However i get scared reading about not being able to quit. I

I never did heroin because i was afraid of it and havent done cocaine either.

SOOOOOOOOOO i dont know I dont know. like you said if i never get off of it then it wuld not matter. If being able to tapper off of it and it be no worse then quitting the lortab i am taking I see no difference and should take the sub.

Then again i may be thinking to much, and do as my dr says,
Re: Suboxone
May 2, 2009
another thing i have noticed is i do not push myself as much concerning work. I say it is becaus e i am getting older but it may have to do with the lortab.

I think I read you said or someone that they have more energy also. So i think this will be a pro..... vs con.

I am many concerned about the withdrawel. not the drug. if i can tapper and get off of it when i want then i see know problem. I still go to many meetings. aa and na. so that is a plus also.
Re: Suboxone
May 4, 2009
Hi ems mom. Good morning. The dr said it was normal. The body has to get used to it. He has lots of patients on it and the same thing happend to a lot of them

He said i could be swallowing a little of it too. He is right i do let a little get out from under the tounge.

He said to begin with 8mg is what i should take at the start of treatment for it to work properly.

He said if the 4mg , 2mg in morning and 2 at nite works stay there. I do not know if it works yet or not. Ill take it for the week as prescribed as see what transpires.

I dont have thesweats or chills aches that go along with withdrawel but the fuzzy mind, (cobwebs, whatever they call that feeling) I do have lol. Have to wait till that clears some.

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