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I'm so happy for you Jolo. I'm just now taking the second dose with a mint and it is going much better. I believe that the taste was making me sick, if that is possible. Last night when I was taking my nighttime I started to gag again. The taste really got to me. I know that's how I felt Friday before I got real sick. I am also now taking suboxone, not subutex and it doesn't taste as sour. So now hopefully things will calm down and I can start to focus on my recovery.
Emsmom, I just read my pamphlet that came from the pharmacy and it does say that the optimal way to use sub is to take it once daily, if tolerated. If not than twice. So you were right but I bet everyone is different and I need to remember the number one key for me is to NOT take it the same times or time that I took norco.

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