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New to Suboxone
May 17, 2009
I have been a long term opiate user for Chronic Pain. I was getting my meds legal since I was presribed. I was in HEAVEN:angel:. I got 120 percs a month and 60 LA morphine. I would take 90 mg of the MS Contin a day and then 90 mg of the percocets. I started counting my pills to see if I would have any left before next appointment with PM to make sure I wouldn't run out. Finally, I realized I have a problem. A friend told me about Suboxone and Friday was my 1st day.My Dr just basically said "sure lets try it, take this ( half of 8 mg ,,watched me for a while and off I went ) I had already started a taper off my other meds a few weeks before 1st dose I did fine.. I got a little high feeling ( 4 mg ) but felt good. 2nd dose the next day gave me a head ache and had me vomiting all afternoon but I think it was because I took it too soon after the 1st.(not quite a full day ) Today took 3mg and feel right.I am not high feeling, don't have any cravings, nausea, . I feel normal like I haven't felt in YEARS. Even though I am on Sub,, will I have the other side effects of WD's like the diarrhea,Insomnia,sweats etc from my other opiate meds ?. And if I DO need pain medications say for an injury, how long after my dosage of Sub would it even WORK ? Friday I did have some relief from my pain but I have heard for some Suboxone doesn't work as a pain med.
I have heard about coming off Sub and have read posts on each person's journey. How long should I be on the Sub before I develop a problem as far as needing to taper to get off completely ? OR should I say,, how long should I be on the Sub before I start a taper program. I feel so good right now I want to be normal again without worrying about taking a pill to make me normal. There have been many home intrusions in my neighborhood the past few months where the goal was prescriptions. I keep this locked up in my safe but still dream of a normal life again without drugs of any sort and having to even use a safe. Have I simply traded one addiction for another ? Will Suboxone one day be "discovered" to be a problem

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