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Hello everyone ! Feels so good to be back in this community. You all are so understanding. I just wanted to say a few things about alcoholism. Please, anyone struggling w/this horrible disease, do anything you can to get into recovery. I'm 52 & have been in & out of recovery many times since I was young. Now because of my alcohol use I'm real beat up. I know there's others that have suffered more than me but any of it is terrible. The mental & physical consequences can be devistating. I've lost great jobs & relationships because of this. My body is a mere shadow of what it was 10 yrs.ago. I was running 5 miles every day & buffed from working out. Now it's an issue just taking a shower. This is because I developed Neuropathy from the drinking over the years. This makes my hands & feet completely numb & very painful. Now I have trouble opening jars. I also severely injured my Rt. shoulder from a drunken fall that I don't remember. All this drinking home alone in my self-imposed prison. Alcoholic Neuropathy & the nerve damage I caused from the fall can't be fixed. Been to more than one specialist & all say this. My doc. prescribed Vicodin & of course being an addict, I abused it & was taking more than 20 a day. Recently during a binge I busted out a window in my truck. I have no memory of what happened. The cops came to my house to talk to me about the incident but for some reason didn't take me to jail. I'm very fortunate. I am so grateful I didn't hurt or kill anyone. I realize that if I continue to drink this will happen. I couldn't live w/that. All this because of booze. I'm done w/this misery. Booze killed my oldest brother at age 48 & drugs killed my next brother at age 42. This is all because of addiction. So sad. I've been given another chance to turn this around so I'm going to do everything I can. I don't want to hurt anyone & I'm not going to tear myself up anymore. Yes, I have some damage but I'm blessed. It's a blessing it's not worse. For you younger addicts, stop it now before you're my age & have all these issues. There's no chance of a quality life if the addiction continues. It's time for me to man up. Thanks to all for listening. My love to all, Mike S

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