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how many days before the withdrawls stop if addicted to percocet
Hello April. You asked good question, but additional information is needed. Withdrawals vary from person to person and depend on the dosage of Percocets (5/325, 10/325, etc.) taken each day, the number of pills, how long you have been taking them, as well as if a person wants to detox fairly fast and their body can handle it, or more slowly to reduce the w/d's to a minimum. If you provide us with the additional information we can attempt to give you an idea, but like I said, it depends on numerous factors.

Really, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor, if they are familiar with Percocet withdrawals, or have them refer you to someone that is knowledgeable, and work out a plan for you to detox safely. There are some drugs that can help with the withdrawal process.

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