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wow secrets i cried when iread your post, thank you. 56789 i am doing ok. i have moments of pure simple joy. then like right now i feel alone and so desperate. i am regretting taking the anabuse because i would love to just get drunk and forget all the crap. i think i am going to go for a walk and hit a meeting. maybe even get a sunday with extra ma m-n-m's on the top. better then a glass of vodka right? hope so!!!!

Keep holding stong honey! The anabuse is a good move in my opinion. We can't always run away from our problems and expect to lead happy normal lives. We have to face them head on and I believe in you, that you have the strength to do so!!! I really do.

The Sunday sounds really yummy and that is WAY better than a glass of vodka!

I hope this message finds you well... If I was there I would give you a great big healing hug!!!

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