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dear readerroz,

My story....if it helps. HOPE it does. I was in PM, for 1 yr. I was taking much higher doses than you, of morphine sulfate er, and ir. Very high doses. I decided, like you, that they were gonna kill me if I didnt stop. I had many reasons, but 4 people I knew this last 6 months had died, and my nephew had become a heroin addict. Enough was enough.

I dumped. Period. Not weaned....DUMPED. No suboxone, no nothing but supplements, boost, muscle milk, juice, water, gatorade, and MISERY. I took 1 1/2 weeks off work....completely necessary...and when I had to go back, I was still freezing and very fatigued, but I pushed thru. Sleeplessness and anxiety were the worst part....but that got better in about 2 weeks, and continues to get better all the time.

Klonapin and Ambien helped some, but I kept them to an absolute minimum, as to not be addicted to anything else. I flushed my body til I thought I'd float away!! lol

Now, its 4 weeks. Im GREAT! Sleeping 7-8 hrs a night, working with energy--almost my full energy at this point, and my pain is almost non existent.

Dont get me wrong, I cant underestimate the hell I went thru. Lots of inability to sleep, sit still for a second, rocking, shaking, puking, diarrhea, anxiety, crying my eyes out, etc. Absolute hell. BUT, for me, the hell was worth it, b/c its the biggest reason Ill never put one of those things in my body again. My doc offered Suboxone, and I refused. Im stubborn as heck. lol...

I just chanted to myself every day..(and sometime every 5 minutes)"this can only get better.....every day will get better.... it has to!!) and it worked. Im 4 weeks today, and KNOW I will NEVER take another opiate. I even put in all my medical charts, and at my local hospital, in case I get carted in by ambulance unconcious, NO NARCS, under any circumstances.

This weekeend, Ill go for a 4th of July pool party at my sisters, and Sunday, go to see Tiger play at Congressional all day in the sun. And I feel NORMAL. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Normal!!!! To think 4 weeks ago was the sickest Ive ever been...and now, normal?? OMG, what a relief. I've walked thru the fires of hell, and come out on the other side a WINNER!!

You can do this. Just know you're gonna be real sick for a bit, prepare, and if you're strong and have the right mind set, you can do it. Tons of people have quit cold turkey....remember that. They've been alright. They've never gone back. Some have been major rock stars w/ tons of money and access... remember that. It CAN be done. Just wanted to let you know. Peace to you, and good luck.

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