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Hello Scoobers

It is great to see you here on the board ready to tackle this monkey on your back. Kudos for understanding that this is not a path to be continued. It is, for sure, a difficult task to get off oxycodone, but as long as you are tackling it with wide-open eyes, it can be done. I, too, have come off oxycodone after many years of use, although I chose a long slow taper. How we come off is a personal choice... it is finding the way that is successful as an individual that counts.

Although your use has been a relatively short time, the amount taken daily is high. Expect some rough days ahead. Diarreha will hit hard... lay in a supply of Immodium. Hot baths will soothe the hot and cold sweats and the jumpy legs. I took as many as ten hot baths a day. Withdrawal depression will set in. Please recognize it for what it is.... the use of the oxycodone causes the brain to stop producing its own feel good chemicals. As it slowly heals itself and begins working properly again, the depression will fade away. We can help speed up this process by forcing ourselves to engage in as many physical activities as possible. Stay close to the board as you move along for support and help. For me, I needed live, 3-D people as well in my corner. My doctors, who did not blink an eye when they heard my story, were a wealth of help. I also sought the help of a counselor who was great in helping me sort out the misery I had stuffed down and who showed me new and better ways to cope with life's hurts.

Also, the second post on this board, Sample Home Detox, has many, many helpful suggestions no matter what path we chose to detox and regain sobriety.

All best wishes to you. Now is the time to tackle this before getting totally lost in a haze of drug use.

We have your back here

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