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good luck with your taper , should you need it, the sub it will be there sub is nothing like full opoids an its to bad some have a closed minds to this med wich is not a sub , it is a tool that goes with councling selfhelp an so on, i did not like suboxone either , but i have a friend that just could not get off his $200 a day habbit relapce after relapce , he could go no longer than 2 or 3 days , it has been 35 days , with hardly no wd , i researched this for him ,he does not have a computer , i can see the change in him , yes like any other opoid , he will need to taper off 1 day , but with alot less wd then methadone or oxy or H , in his case , the med is designed so that it cant be abused , as easy as most opoids , the taper is real slow so that the wd is 8 to 10 times less for some , its almost imposible to overdose on , an only has a minamal ceiling effect my friend says it just makes him feel normal , i say what do you meen normal he said like life was before he started drugs , some do have a hard time finding the right dose , my friend hit on the right dose within hours , an a few weeks of min discomfort , he said it took all his wd symtems away , an his energy is alot better i know i work with him , it does not drag him down , the taper take it slow if you can you can do it , you may need more support than just this board:) oh best of all no mental cravings , an it acts like a painkiller for some with pain issues depression , these are not what the med is for but my friend said hay it takes care of his cronic back pain , an depresion

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