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Wow.... My first post.

Hey bud. I'm a Jersey guy here. Age 38, and have had quite a few run ins with drugs myself. Including a perocet habbit that had hit 80mg a day. It is GREAT to hear the determination in your voice to make a change. I went the Suboxone route myself since I wasnt getting the perc through propper channels and it was costing a fortune. Personally, I think Suboxone is easier and a bit safer for tapering since there is no high, and no way to splurge if you hit a point of frustration; but it is still a strong, addictive opiate that has a longer half life, and takes a while to walk away from in the end.

Unfortunatley, from past experience, this ( Opiates ) is NOT an easy drug to walk away from.

The good news.... I did it. It can be done and that feeling of clear headed, wide eyed does come back.

All of the advice in these posts are spot on !!

A few pointers for now, that worked for me. Stay busy. This was HUGE for me. The days go faster if you have a lot to do. Eat right, exercise, take vitamins.... LOTS of vitamins. From what I have read, you cant overdose on vitamins. Your body will flush out what it cant use. I took 5 X what the label said. Kick start your body!

And Beyond what you can physically do.... Think about popping into an NA ( Narcotics Anonomous ) meeting. There is no reason to do this alone. There are THOUSANDS or people going through excatly what you are, or that have already gone through it and won. I can not stress how much this was a part of me beating my habbits. And I am not a "druggie" by the term LOL. I am 38, married, self employed, father of 2, a volunteer fireman and YES, I was addicted to percocet. Thank God and my friends that I am no longer.


Hey Bud.... Hang in there. You are already HUGE STEPS into this. You are commited to a change.!!

Keep posting man!! It will give you a place to ease your mind and find more and more pointers.

Pauly C

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