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"[B][CENTER][COLOR="Blue"]Thank you for the quick reply, reachout.
What opioids were you using? Just curious.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]"

I started out on Vicodin about 12 years ago after radiation treatment left my skin burned pretty badly. The radiation also burned out my ovary (only had one) and sent me into menopause overnight. The immediate hormonal imbalance caused emotional screw-ups and the doctors put me on Xanax to help. I was really so ignorant about drugs and just took whatever was prescribed. After the radiation, I had a couple of huge surgeries and was put on Percocet for pain. I was on that for years, but the doses kept being increased as haapens on opaites to get the same results. I also used Duragesic patches ( had no idea then how powerful those are!). For a period of time I was on Morphine but really hated how I felt. So back to percocet. When I got up to 12-14 Percocet a day, there was concern about my liver so I was switched to straight Oxycodone. The Xanax had been a constant throughout all the years. WHen I finally understood what bad shape I was in and that I had crossed a line and was abusing the drugs, I began the tapers from Oxycodone first and then Xanax. I look back now and shake my head in disbelief at what I was using and the dosages.

I really understand the fear of not being on our drug anymore. I remember that it was hard to envision what my life would be like without them. That scared feeling passes as we get consumed in getting off. As I neared the end of the taper, I was actually truly looking forward to taking the last pill. It was hard beciause I got antsy for that day to come and it took a lot of discipline not to jump the gun. In the end, I just walked off the Oxycodone. The end of the Xanax taper was trickier... there was a period of days on, day off, days on, day off, etc. Then a day came when I just knew it was really over and that no more days on were needed. It was anti-climatic.... like the day after Christmas when all the packages have been opened, you know?

I guess telling you there is nothing to fear about not using is like trying to convince a scared kid that they will not drown in their swimming lessons. That kid is gonna be scared no matter how much assurance you give them. It isn't until they get out of the water still alive that they understand. Until that point, they have to take a leap of faith in the person reassuring them. Gues I am asking you to take a leap of faith here and believe that I tell you true that the fear will prove groundless.

Hope you have a good night.
With all hope

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