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Hi [B]Barb/Artgal[/B], to answer your questions -- the taper is still going well. I think I'm actually going to start a new thread about it. Even if it's not successful, it is helpful for me to read my old posts from a "lessons learned" standpoint for the NEXT taper attempt.

I am avoiding suboxone or any other addictive drug. I was a heroin addict back in the 70's and was on methadone maintenance for a number of years. Getting off methadone was WAY harder than getting off heroin. I was in rehab at the time....I had been in detox for a few days before that, but all h*ll broke loose once I was completely off took a good month before I felt back to normal. I remember the sleeplessness, and being freezing even though it was July, and coughing fits....etc. So then, after 27 years of being drug-free, I start down the same road again by taking Percocet for tooth pain, then back pain....and here we are.

Anyway, that's why I'm (for now at least) trying to do this without Suboxone. My dr. did give me Klonopin (I had asked for Valium, as that works wonderfully to ease WD, but he wouldn't write for it). Then I started reading all the crap about Klonopin -- side-effects, WD symptoms. And I thought, I do NOT want to go through this again. What if I like the Klonopin? Then I'll be off the oxy and abusing the Klonopin. So I'm trying to taper so gradually that the WD symptoms aren't too bad and I don't feel the need to supplement with another drug. Oh BTW, I went through h*** getting off Cymbalta (after only three weeks on it) so I'm truly gun-shy about getting "hooked up", so to speak, with any other drugs for pain-management. (Cymbalta is for depression but also supposedly helps with nerve pain. It did not, in my case, and had other side-effects.)

I hear ya with the "strong willpower"....I'm the same way! I cold-turkey'd from a pack and a-half a day 22 years ago. I KNOW I can do this, if I can only get through the process of tapering then quitting. The problem is, it's such a looooong process, and when the s*** hits the fan, it's very easy to just say the heck with it.

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