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hi. Gosh i can totally sympathize with you as i have been on rx meds for years. First, i became addicted to large doses of valium, a tranquilizer as well as fiournal and darvon. This was when i was from 18 to 35 years old. I was given these meds for debilatating migraines that would last 3 days with the whole nine yards...throwing up etc. I got off of these "cold turkey." don't advise anyone to do it this way as it was absolutely horrendous with hallucinations, a siesure, vomiting and the list goes on.

I am writing this because i have had several experiences with rx withdrawal and hope i can shed some light and help you come to a well thought out decision.
After i was clean for approximately 14 years, i had a heart attack, heart surgery, a spinal fusion that did not help, surgery for adhesions that wrapped around my upper intestines. That last surgery led to a stroke. Well after all that, i had been on quite a bit of painkillers, the last two morphine and then now, 80mg twice a day of oxycontin and 30 mg of oxycodone twice a day for break through pain.

I have attempted to cut back on the oxycontin and oxycodone and before the morphine. I did it as my own experiment of sorts to see how i would react by cutting back. When i cut back in small doses so that i would not get very strong withdrawal symptoms, i found i could function well and keep away the restless leg syndrome as well. For me, i think cutting back small amounts over a longer period of time works. The reason it works for me is that i can still sustain a decent quality of life while doing this. I did this with cigarettes. I took about 4 months to get off using the patches, and i progressively cut back the doses by using a regular 24 hr patch. Every 3 weeks i would measure and cut off tiny portions till i finally had nothing to cut. I hardly had any physical withdrawal.

I know that getting off cigarettes is less difficult, but it's just an example. As a person who went cold turkey, i can tell you cutting back on the drugs is a much better way to go so you dont have to put your body through so much hell.

I'm not ready yet to stop because my pain is terrible, but i am hoping that if someday it gets better, my dream is to get off these meds.

Well, i hoped i helped. It's just a thought and of course everyone is different in how they experience withdrawal and how they want to do it.

One more thing. Going to a hospital or treatment center is another choice. I dont like the idea because i would rather be at home.

You will be in my prayers and good luck in whatever decision you make.

Sincerely, trtorise

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