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I know I said I wouldn't post again til I'm done my taper, but I'm just giving a quick update. I finally decided to go back and see how long I've been on this never-ending taper. Tomorrow will be a full eight weeks. In honor of the occasion, I will make tomorrow my last dose. I'm taking less than 1 mg now. The thing is, I'm still having WD symptoms like hot flashes, sneezing, watery eyes occasionally, but the main problem is lower back pain and my thighs are really sore, like I walked a therefore it's difficult to walk at all. But, when you know there's still another "dose" out there waiting (even if it's miniscule), it's hard to just suck it up and move on. I need to get some groceries (I haven't had the energy to go out), take my last dose tomorrow, flush the rest, get the oxy out of my system and start the road to recovery.

When I was in rehab years ago after a rapid detox from methadone, I was a mess for about a month but had no choice -- I had to suck it up. If there's nothing available to take, you've got to force yourself to feel better on your own.

To answer Kewood's question about how I'm splitting the pills -- it's a very scientific process involving a 5-mg oxy capsule, a plate, a razorblade, a calculator, and yellow stickies. Ha, it's not scientific at all....I just open the capsule, dump the 5 mg onto the plate and try to portion it into fractions as best I can. It's really just dustballs at this point. When I take my dustball, I hope no miniscule particle gets stuck in my teeth -- that could be .000038 mg I'm missing!!!

Finish line in sight -- wish me luck (and strength and willpower), guys!

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