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Hello All,

I am relatively new to the board, posted a couple times at beginning of my Lortab taper. I just want to give an update and say I am going strong! I started at 10/500 mg Lortabs-5 per day. I am now starting on my 22.5 mgs daily (down over 50 percent) and doing well. I was taking the meds for about 3 years and it began after I was diagnosed with cancer. After a long series of surgeries, chemo, radiation, and complications, the pain meds were given freely by my primary. I have since switched primary docs, because I felt my old doc was writing the scripts with too much zest, and I wanted off. I am working with a great doc now, who can prescribe suboxone if needed. However, after meeting with him, we decided a slow, steady taper plan may be right for me. So far I am doing really well, and only have mild withdrawal symtoms the first fews days of each step down. My family is right behind me with the support that is so important when trying to wean off opiates. If you are trying to get off the meds, and have no support, I strongly urge you to tell someone. The support and understanding I have received from my family has really made all the difference. Although I have been through a lot medically in the past few years, I still need to ride this out, and going it alone is far too stressful. I was so naive about the addictive nature of pain meds, and when I felt I no longer needed them, I was in for a big wake-up call. I began to feel horrible, and it scared me into staying on them for longer than needed. The doctor I am working with is all about patient care, and wants me to feel comfortable while tapering. If I have insomnia, benadryl works well, and immodium helps with tummy problems. However, I am here to say a good taper plan is possible, but you must be disciplined to accomplish it. Since beginning my taper, I have stuck to the plan, and have never taken one bit more than the plan allows. In fact, I sometimes jump the gun and begin going lower a few days prior to my follow-up appt. My doc have me step down around 20-25 percent every two weeks. This has worked well for me, but after 7-10 days, I get impatient, and begin widdling it down a bit more. For those of you who are wondering if a taper plan is ever successful, I can tell you that, so far, mine is. I fully expect to taper off with success and put all this mess behind me. I will say that I do not have any mental cravings for the meds, so that is in my favor. My body seems to be dependent of the drug, but my mind is fully ready to leave it behind. I am looking at it as any other medication taken over a long period of time. After many medications are taken for an extended period, the patient must be tapered off. To me, this is no different. I am groving with the taper, and hope this gives confidence to even one person who is considering a taper plan.

Please find a doctor who has some experience with this (I found that doctors who can prescribe suboxone tend to be a bit more well versed). Take your time and find joy in each successful step in the process.

Peace and stay stong!

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