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Hi There

I have been following your posts and think you are doing quite well on your tapering. I so agree with you that suboxone is not a great choice for you at this point. Like you, I was extremely disciplined in my tapering off of first Oxycodone and then Xanax. (Like you, I also began pain meds after a cancer ordeal, only I crossed a line in using them along the way).

As we use discipline to taper from addictive substances, it comes with using discipline to deal with the side effects of a taper. There will be withdrawal symptoms no matter how slow we go. I forced myself to think outside of the emotional box that withdrawal can cause. Each symptom that came after a step down became a symptom of healing to me. It is very much like we got through the chemo. We accepted the sick feelings that chemo can bring because we knew that each round was bringing us closer to a healing. We endured what we perhaps thought we could not because we understood that getting sicker sometimes is the path to getting better. Draw strength and knowledge from your cancer journey to give you wisdom and hope in the tapering journey.

Keep the cuts small... very small... as you work towards the end of the taper. Try not to get antsy about the end and make drops that are too drastic. It is slow and long that is the path to a successful taper. Just like we learned ways to help combat the effects of the chemo, we can learn ways to combat the efects of withdrawal. Learn and practice breathing techniques to help quell the anxiety that hits. Understand the anxiety is a brain rebalancing...while it is not pleasant at all, but is a sign of restoration.

It is the percentage of a cut that determines how strongly we feel the effects. Try to stay in the 10% range as the amount of tabs taken daily decreases. At the very end of my tapers, I was smashing the tab into dust and eyeballing 1/16ths. Yes, it was a long, long ending, but I never had to 'jump' off but rather 'walked' off.

I wish you all the best in your efforts. Withdrawal is a process. It does come to an end. Know that and embed it in your mind. The body and brain will amazingly retore themselves and peacefulness will come. I think that for many of us, the whole cancer journey ends with this last process.

God Bless

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