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Julie, may I ask what kind of injections you had for your fibro? :confused: I have fibro also, along with failed cervical fusion surgery, and I'm just curious if these injections are something I can ask my rheumatologist for. I sure hope they work for you; I know how bad the fibro pain can be, and I know there are others on this board who have it. I'm just getting off a 4 week flare - right through our 2 week vacation :mad:. Whenever I tried to ignore the pain and do something "normal" on vacation, I just paid for it later in the day or the next day.

I think your idea of giving your meds to your mom is a good one. You said she knows you're withdrawing? I'm assuming you feel she's strong enough to refuse you if she thinks you're not in enough pain to need a pill? I don't mean she should be the med police, or that you'll be so tempted that you'll "fake" pain to get them. I'm just asking because I think it's a good idea. When I got off the norco/vic, (I didn't have to suffer WDs, I'm on suboxone now), my hubby is [I]still[/I] holding my clonopin, which my doc prescribed for anxiety attacks and help in sleeping (which is when I get a lot of my panic attacks). I've never been addicted to clonopin, pain meds were my only DOC, but I know clonopin is a benzo, and I don't want to substitute another addiction for the one I already have. He's pretty sensitive to my moods, and early on, he [I]did[/I] refuse me a couple times, because he felt I didn't really need one. Of course, I felt I needed one, but looking back, I did okay without, and I rarely even ask him for any now (I sure didn't want to go thru benzo WD; I've heard it's very miserable and dangerous). I'm glad he was strong enough to refuse me sometimes, because he helped me learn about myself and what some of my triggers are.

I think you'll be able to be strong and not touch the pills on the way to your mom's house :) .You seem very determined to do this, which is fantastic!

Keep checking in, and my good thoughts go out to you.


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