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Hello dreamingoutloud - Just like Secrets and the others said - it takes time! Lots of time before you feel normal, plus your body needs to start learning how to make endorphins (the natural chemicals in your body that make you feel good) all over again. The natural endorphin process in your body has been turned off because the opiates have taken over for it. So, you have to PUSH yourself to get them working again. It's like trying to start an old lawnmower that has been sitting all winter out in the shed. It takes a lot to get the motor started again and to keep running.

I love to hike and see the outdoors, so my endorphin [I]re-building[/I] plan was based around that. Finishing a hike up'd my endorphin level each time and recently I started going thru my Bucket List, seeing and doing things that I've wanted to do since I was a child (a very long time ago). I just completed two Bucket List items in one shot and I'm high on the world again.

Find things that really make you feel good inside and start planning to do them to get those natural endorphins flowing again and you will [I]begin[/I] to start feeling normal again. I stopped taking opiates 6 months ago and I "think" I'm finally back, or close to normal, as I can get. Unfortunately, there is not a magic pill we can take to make it go away and start all over again. It requires work, pain and lots of short-term goals leading to larger goals. My long-term goal is one year and I'm halfway there. More Bucket List items need to be completed... :-) Good Luck to you!! You will feel normal again in time.

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