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I've had the same problem with both AA and NA. I'm a recovering prescription opiate addict, coming up on one year (July 17 is the day I went into rehab). Of course, in rehab they had us going to AA/NA all the time, and it was just overbearing. It had been many years since I'd lead a sober life, and the most important thing to me was to learn to "grow up" and handle my life without pills. I know rehab focuses a lot on education about addiction, which was good for me, but I found that when I left an AA/NA meeting, after hearing people's "war stories", after an hour or more of talking about one subject only, ADDICTION, I almost wanted to start using again.

I feel at this point, going to AA/NA mtgs might undermine my clean time and start the cravings up again, which is what I don't need. Magpie, I also found the members very narrow minded, "my way or the highway". In spite of the written info that says everyone's higher power should be what they, themselves, believe in (for me, that happens to be my deceased Mom) boy, was I put down for that!

Also, I found a lot of the "war stories" almost glorifying the storytellers' using days. Some of the speakers grinned and laughed at the things they used to do when using, things that I didn't find funny. I know we have to have a sense of humor sometimes, even about addiction, but...I don't know, I was just very uncomfortable with some of the speakers' stories.

I felt so bullied - to even try to find a temporary sponsor was impossible. I had AA/NA'ers calling me at all hours of the day and night. Actually, I almost felt I was still living with my addiction as much as when I was using - it was addiction, addiction, addiction almost 24 hrs a day. I just wanted to move on.

I have no problem with anyone who finds AA/NA effective in maintaining a clean & sober life. Whatever works. I just know it didn't work for me.


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