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You'd be surprised at how many "normal" looking people are addicted to the pills. A lot of people who have become addicted to opioid medications didn't get that way because we were looking for a high, most people that I know with this problem started using medications legitimately prescribed for chronic pain issues, but the unfortunate side affect to using opioid medications for chronic pain is that it is very easy to build up a tolerance to the medications, so more opioids are needing to maintain the same level of pain relief. At some point, the dosages increase to where the effect is more than pain relief and the euphoria of opiate drug use comes into play - it wasn't something that we were looking for when we started to use opiates, but it's a damn nice side effect - or so you think. Before long, usage of opiates become more about how the pills make you feel, not about relieving your pain and you get to a point where you believe you can't function without the meds, you tell yourself that the meds were prescribed, I just have a higher tolerance to pain meds than most people, or my pain is greater than what my doc thinks and that is why I need to continue using, but the reality is that your an addict, your depending on something to help you function, you like how the medication makes you feel and pretty soon it becomes about the pills, do I have enough, when is my next refill or you start cruising the internet for places where you can a prescription filled. Are you a "junkie" - I don't know, really difficult to quantify that term. Are you an "addict" - YES. Are you "normal" more so than you would have ever thought. Many opioid users, myself included, are successful people, doctors lawyers, engineers, mothers and fathers, but we rely on pills to start our day and to function, it becomes a crutch and beating the addiction will be one of the most difficult things you will ever do and at the same time, one of the most rewarding - something you will probably never share with other parents, maybe just with strangers on the internet, but beating addiction every day is rewarding.

Good luck!

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