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I have been sober for over 8 months. I have a friend who is finally bottoming out with alcohol. He has quit before, cold turkey, and ended up in the hospital with seizures. He doesn't have health insurance and he is coming to me with questions that I just do not know enough about to lend any help at all. So ...

He appears to have the desire to quit. We all know how fleeting that can be, but at this moment, he has it. He is scared to death of quitting and having seizures again though - he lives alone. He seems to have been told that the second day is the worst and most likely for seizures. When I quit, I was helped by my doctor and I did not drink nearly as much (he drinks at least a liter of vodka a day), so this is unfamiliar territory for me.

Apparently he was prescribed Dilantin some time ago. The only thing I have told him is what the label says - if he's going to drink, don't take the medication. Beyond that, I just do not know enough to give him advice. Worse, he won't ask anyone else out of embarrassment. So if anyone has any pointers as to what I could tell him without pretending I'm a doctor or if anyone knows of free telephone services for people to discuss such things, I would appreciate it so I can pass it along.

Thanks in advance. I sure prefer seeing him try than just continuing to die.

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