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New Member
Jul 14, 2009

Glad to be here. For the past four years I have been addicted to substances, mainly narcotics. When I could not get them any longer, I switched to alcohol to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. I hated drinking but for the past 7 months I have been drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a day and switching to Vodka for the past two weeks. I am also on anti-depressants and benzos prescribed by a psychiatrist.

I decided to stop all of this yesterday because it is ruining any finances I have left and I am getting fat and sick. My depression has also peaked. I have been sober for about 28 hours. At the twelfth hour I was shaking and nauseated severely. I picked up a prescription for Klonopin and that seems to be helping a little.

I want to stay on track and I am pretty stubborn so I hope this works out. Eventually I would like to be off of all of my meds, but one step at a time.

I've heard alcohol withdrawal gets worse after the second or third day so I am just trying to stay busy.

Adia :confused:

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