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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"][/COLOR][/FONT] :confused:Well, I also need to fess up to you guys here.....A week ago, after being on sub for 7 weeks, I stopped taking it b/c I got a little stash (60)Norco 10/325's. I figured taking 16mg of sub a day if I went without for 7 full days that would be long enought to get the sub out of my system even with the half-life being much longer. Well, it wasn't I tried a few, felt nothing, I tried 5 the next day, nothing, then 10 then 18 on Sunday....still NOTHING! I was disappointed because I couldn't get "the feeling" but also relieved to go right back on the sub and forget about the Norco since it didn't work anyway. I then started to obsessa about, well if I got more maybe I could get off the sub for 10 or 15 days, then it would work....but I was already beginning to feel a bit of withdrawl after a week of the sub, just a little anxiety, nervousness, sweaty, yawning, runny eyes/ I thought it would work.
I'm ashamed and I'm certainly NOT the model of opiate recovery...I'm embarrassed and feel like sh#$ today. But, I did get the application for an outpatient program and am filling it out and going to start in the program. I've also asked my psych doc and former rehab counselor if they'd help me start a suboxone support group. They said they would.
So, thanks for letting me get that off my chest friends. It feels better. I screwed up and today is a new day. Plus, after going back on the sub yesterday, I felt so much better, slept better and was alot happier so I think I need to stick to my treatment plan for now!

Take care my friends!


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