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I didn't know how bad it was being on the opiates and how it affected my family until [U]after[/U] I got off of them. Then, I realized how it was hurting them because I got to a point where I didn't care and never realized it. I never got high either using the opiates. They just stopped the pain for me.

I almost went into detox, where I would have received the subutex and suboxone in a controlled environment, but I'm glad that I didn't and that I experienced the withdrawals, so I could remember that I never want to go through that again. In your case, with a disabled husband and kids, suboxone seems the right way to detoxify your body so that you don't go through the withdrawals. You need to seek out help to get you started.

My wife and son were extremely supportive during my withdrawals and I don't think I could have made it through it without them. Neither knew what I was going to go through, but we sat down and talked about it before I started. Telling your husband is your choice and don't discount that he won't support you. I'm sure that you have both been through a lot over the years and supporting each other through troubled times makes your stronger in a marriage.

I'm hoping that you can find the help you need. Good Luck.

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