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From what my doc has said, you need to be SO careful with benzos when taking Suboxone. I think once in awhile is ok but I would NOT make it an every night, you don't want to get hooked on Ativan..I did for 6 years and it makes coming off of hydro feel like a piece of cake! Why not talk to your doc and try something like Trazadone, a mild antidepressant which helps you sleep, lots of folks in treatment take it for trouble sleeping. I take it ocassionally but the nice thing is you don't have to take it daily if you don't need to.
The thing with benzos is they are truly meant for short term use or for "as needed" in panic attacks, periods of extreme anxiety, etc. Not meant for a long term sleeping med. It really was one of the worst experiences in my life getting off of the lorazepam, ativan. I shudder to think of how I felt back then. And, actually it was starting on the Trazadone that made things begin to get a bit better for me. There are probably other sleep meds too that aren't addictive. How long have you been on the sub again? I had trouble sleeping the first few weeks now I sleep like a baby every night, it's wonderful. I'm on 16mg/day.

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