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The withdrawals are very bad for about a week and you were about half way there. The mental addiction and cravings can be just as bad or even worse than the physical part as you learned pretty quickly. It can really make you feel like you are losing your mind. Before I really knew much about addiction, I was going to commit myself to a mental institution because the cravings were so bad and I thought that I was having a mental breakdown and would go absolutely crazy. I know now that the craving is merely a thought and I have control over what I do about it.. I can focus on the craving which will only make it stronger and last longer until I get to the point of talking myself into using again.

Please try not to beat yourself up to bad over using again. I messed up recently and have not admitted it until NOW. I felt the guilt, the shame, like a failure but I realize that I slipped up and need to hop back into recovery.

If you really decide to try and go cold turkey, then you can't have ANY of the drug around. Get rid of it so you have no access to it. But before you do that get a couple boxes of Immodium(for diahrea). You will need it, plus some soup, vitamins, gatorade, pedialite, and maybe something really light like ramen noodles or some crackers to snack on. You won't feel like eating but you have to try and keep the fluids going, take as much Immodium as needed to stop the diahrea (I was taking 6-8 pills per day). It gets better after about 7 days but you won't feel awhole lot better for about 2 weeks.

Do you have any friends or family around that you could stay with and they could help you? I had to stay at my mom's and could barely do anything. Keep posting and if things get bad, get a doctor to prescribe Suboxone becauase that is always another option to get off the Nubain and it helps to STOP withdrawal and block cravings. Keep fighting, God wants to see us happy and clean.

p.s. the other option is to tell your doctor about your addiction and get into a rehab facility. I forgot that you are drinking alcohol too which is part of the addiction and you could go into seizures if you stop drinking cold-turkey if you are drinking ALOT every day.

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