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Re: Lortab alcohol
Aug 7, 2009
forget the embarressment, your overall health and well being just HAS to take priority. like brian mentioned above, when using just alcohol OR tylenol seperately,they just are very impactful upon your liver, but when using them together it is a huge double whammy that really truely impacts that liver much much harder. both use up and deplete a very badly needed chemical within our livers to just even metabolize them. you can imagine that depletion just would natually become much worse when using these two together at all. even if someone took tylenol after a night of drinking to try and minimize the next day hangover it still impacts that liver hard.

you just really DO need to have those liver AND kidneys labs checked out right now. tylenol really hits the kidneys hard too since everything that gets metabed within the liver will eventually be filtered within the kidneys too on the way out. with an exception of some very specific meds that are actually excreted thru the GI tract and eliminated in the BMs, most just really do also go thru those kidneys too. tylenol is most dfefinitely one of the ones that simply DO get filtered thru the kidneys tho,that much i do know.

you just really do need to come clean wiuth your doc here about this. if that embarressment is just way too much for you right now at this stage,all you have to do is tell him about how mucvh real 'tylenopl' usuage you were using along with the fact you also consumed alcohol too simply not being aware of the possible interactions and hits the liver takes when you do that. that of course is up to you right now.

but the one bigger thing you just really need to be aware of when it comes to pretty much any types of lab work done to check for organ function impairments is that the labs only show part of the much bigger picture in most cases. you can actually have some pretty extensive damage going on to the kidneys and the liver but your actual labs wont really go out of the norm ranges til that real damage casues an real direct impact upon some level of organ function. i am living proof of that one. so obatining an ultrasound ALONG with getting the labs done would really give you and your doc a much clearer picture of the true pic of how the kidneys and the liver realistically are.

i was actually born with a genetic type of kidney disease that also has really impacted my liver as well(and this was after many years of actually abusing pain meds with extremely high levels of tylenol too). but because all of my liver and kidney labs were and amazingly still are well within all norms, we did not have the slightest clue i had this crap til our youngest son(then only 12) went into liver failure. i was 40 years old before i found out i even HAD any type of kidney diseae at all. the MAJOR damage and destruction you see upon all my ultrasounds just really seems impossible to even be attached to all within the norms lab work i have right now and have had in the past as well. my kidneys are actually four times their norm in size at this point but those labs still look picture perfect. it just totally freaks me out ya know? unfortunetly our youngest actually recieved some type of mutated version of this same kidney disease that started these nasty fibers to start overtaking his liver while he was still in utero(kind of the same course as someone with chirrhosis would have). things hit the fan when his portal vein closed off on him. this just creates a very very high level of pressure back up and also gave him what was like acid reflux too, along with stomach aches.

honestly, my very best advice to you right now is to just see your primary doc about at least the ongoing tylenol usage combined with alcohol usage and let him kind of take it from there kind of thing? but he does need to know about the combo of those two things you actually have been consuming just so HE knows what was involved here at all. this just IS your overall health and well being here that needs some testing just to make certain there was not a bigger impact caused by the combo. getting the labs, and a UA urine dip that would just check for the most early indicator of any level of real kidney disease by simply showing even trace amounts of protien in your urine would help alot. and of course getting the inside look at the organs that show how all the main vascular structures are flowing is just truely crucial( this is with only an US). if all this actually checks out okay right now for you, DO consider yourself VERY lucky at that point and really try and get out of what you have gotten yourself into here.

you now really know about at least some of the very real risks here. now it is up to you to get you a better healthier midset. if you feel you simply cannot do this alone, there are MANY different ways out there to just get that back up support. you do deserve better. just get this all checked out as thoroughly as possible. hopefully since this was not a long term ongoing type of thing, things are still all good for you with those two organs. consider this a second chance and never look back. i do wish you all the luck in the world with this. just make every effort to get things checked out and tested. please keep us posted. marcia

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