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[B]Over[/B], wow, your story is so much like mine I can't believe it. I started the same way -- Percocets after dental surgery....first, they made me nauseous but darn it all, I stuck with them....I specifically remember the first time I realized how much energy they were giving me. I was cleaning my a** off. And, same as you, occasional usage became every night, and then more than one pill per night, then eventually needing them to get out of bed. I was getting them for legitimate chronic pain issues, but I realized they were controlling my life, I was depressed....they are, after all, a depressant....and I finally got off two days ago after an 8-week taper.

Sooo, I can't really help with your question about how long the "funk" will last because I'm just in the beginning of mine. But I'll tell you this -- I am really glad you posted. Because I had been thinking, even though I've flushed all my pills, maybe in a couple weeks I'll ask the doc for just a small scrip for emergencies. You know, just take it when I'm going to do some physical activity and I need energy or pain relief. Well, you've shown me that doesn't work!

The other thing I wanted to say: You mentioned being "life of the party" on the pills. Were you really, or do you think you could've just been "hopped-up" on the pills? The reason I'm saying this is, I would catch myself babbling incessantly, or jumping up and down doing this and that, when I was high on the oxycodone. Did you see that interview that Martin Bashir did with Michael Jackson where he was holding Blanket and acting all agitated? Or when Christopher was high at Tony Soprano's party and just talking non-stop? I'm just wondering if that's kind of how we look....only we're so in a state of euphoria, we think we're just loads of fun...?

Well, just some random thoughts. I know there are many others here who have gone through this "process" and can advise you on how long it takes to get back to normal. As I sit here with no more "artificial energy", I am hoping it doesn't take too long, for both (all) of us!

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