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I have to disagree with your comment about addiction to sub...I think people develop a physical dependency on it but in my opinion, and I've been on sub for 13 weeks or so, I have none of the "addictive" behaviors I had with the norco...constantly thinking about it, when can I take my next pill, where to hide them, counting them constantly, running out before the next refill and freaking out and doctor shopping, those are all of the destructive and out of control behaviors I had on a full opiate agonist.
Now, I started on 16mg of sub a day for the 1st two months or so. I sometimes would just forget to take it, never really thought about it, never felt anything from it except for more sleepy perhaps. Now, I've decided to try and taper to a real low dose and maybe even taper off as I'm not sure what it's doing, if anything. I stayed solidly on the 16 mg for about 6-8 weeks probably before I even considered tapering, then I went from 16mg to 8mg in 2 weeks then from 8-4 in a week, from 4-2 (which I'm on now) for the past 3 days and I'll probably go another 5-7 days then go down to 1mg. Now, I know it has a long half life but my cravings for norco have diminished since tapering down on the suboxone. I have had no problem whatsoever decreasing the dose, no side effects except for one positive one: more energy! I understand it can be hard going from 1mg to nothing and I do expect some withdrawl symptoms when I jump off completely but for me it's been nothing short of a miracle. To get me off of a 2 year 180-200mg hydro per day habit with NO withdrawl symptoms and to be able to have none of the psychological "issues" of addiction that I had with the hydro, except I did have some cravings there in the beginning, to being able to taper myself from 16mg of sub on May 23rd to 2mg of sub today without a thought in the world....well, it seems almost unreal.
I'm certainly not saying it's the answer for everyone but I do not FEEL or ACT like I'm addicted to Suboxone. It's helped me greatly, maybe I'll have a horrible time trying to go to 1mg or .5 or off completely and if so, I'll deal with it at that time.
For now, I'm happy with my plan and support anyone who is trying to get off life-stealing and personality eroding narcotics, however any of us do it.

Take care all!

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