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I had the privilege of going to the doctor that actually helped bring suboxone into the usa. he is very well known from chicago. I am not sure i can post his name but he works for resurrection. if you need the name i can get it to you. I have the best insurance so i was fortunate. The problem he told me about is many doctors are taking the suboxone seminar to be able to prescribe and make big money. They have no real knowledge of the pitfalls and some just pretend to not know. It should be used as a last resort for someone with a vicodin problem that is less than 5 years. it is in a way a miracle because you said you know longer chase pills. The problem is that it is much more physically dependant than most painkillers. when the honeymoon peiod of this drug is over it begins to make you dull to the world. it gives constant around the clock receptor stimulation that can cause irreverssable damage.. <[COLOR="Blue"]removed[/COLOR]> I know that it helps but people should be aware of the downsides and not consider this the end of the journey. 1 year off subs and i still have paws and i am no weakling. I have kicked oxy cold turkey and vicodin cold turkey, nothing compares to subs because it is dragged out like methadone. methadone is the bigger of the two evils.. once i dropped below .5 i was in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
thanks for listening

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