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[QUOTE=readerroz;4071578]Dear one, for some reason I seemed to be drawn to pomegranite juice during the early days of my detox and I drank about a quart a day. Granted, it's a tad expensive, but it somehow felt "curative." [/QUOTE]

Thanks so much. I'll try this.

The headaches aren't abating at all. I'm afraid they they will get worse before they get better. I'm not completely off the Vic yet, so once I finally stop, I would think that the headaches will get worse, or at least remain at this level for several weeks to come.

I remember you mentioning acupuncture in another post and will look into that. I'm in a small town, so may have trouble finding someone, but may be back in L.A. soon, and there will certainly be someone there.

I'm not having any cravings at all, outside of the need for pain relief, so that's good. I'm going to call my psych after the holiday and see if this jittering may be anxiety. On top of the Vic tapering, I have a parent with terminal cancer, and an impending move (or not, if we can't sell our house), so my stress level is at an all time high. It's possible that I just need to increase my Klonopin for a few weeks, but need to talk to her first. I don't want to self-diagnose, and end up in even worse shape.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . .

Thanks you guys, for helping me out. :)

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