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Hello everyone,

I have my own story. To tell you the truth I don't know I started this addiction. My roomate had shoulder surgery and was prescribed 180 10/325 with 4 refills! I had never even heard of norco before. At the time I was bartending. The first time I took them I got sick and never wanted to take them again. Oh how I wish I hadn't. For some reason I found myself bored I guess. The first time I took them I took 2 at once. I think thats why I got sick. The second time I took only one and was hooked from then. I am now a paramedic and have been for 4 years. My addiction is not as high as most I have read but I am still addicted. I take 4 or 5 per day for the last 4 years. I was disciplined enough to never let it get out of hand. Now for the last month I've tapered myself off. Started off taking 5 one week, 41/2 the next, 4 ect...well I am now down to 2 a week and am WDing pretty bad. I have the crazy temperature change and anxiety. I am on here trying to gather mental strength. I don't drink alcohol or do any other drugs and have never had a problem with addiction. But somehow got myself caught up in this mess. Well I took a week off after my tapering gets down to 1 a day, when I start being pill free. I guess I am here to also gather advice. And remedies or anything you guys can help me with? Should I take Xanax or Ativan? I have in the past and never even been close to be addicted.

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