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My doctor told me that the 2 week could be exactly what i need. He said I am addicted to norco's , not sub, so taking the sub while getting the norcos out of my system is what i will be doing. i should be on the sub's for actually 10 days. Long enough to get the norcos out, and short enough time to not get hooked on the subs. That is the plan . I am in n/a, and doing everything I feel I need to be doing to get MY LIFE BACK. So , I am really sorry that it didnt quite work out for you. I am doing this in a controlled setting, and I am doing it to avoid the w/d. I know i am ready to quit. So, in saying that, I am looking to talk with people who has positive things to say.... I don't expect this to be a "miracle" drug , its going to take a lot on my part to stay clean . I am using it as a TOOL in my recovery. Thanks for your input .... Jess

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