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denon hope you had fun last night, i know that taking the sharp edge off the pain can make us able to be with the people we love and enjoy our life as we should.

thank you for telling me to make goals and to reward myself every time i reach one, that is a great idea. im so busy beating myself up for even going through this that i never thought of praising myself for doing it, thank you!

i have a bad response to antidepressants but i do have a old mood stabilizer that i can take if things get really bad, it does not work that well but sometimes it can help, i tried a tiny bit last night and it help me fall asleep ut it brings a bad brain fog with it so i try not to use it much. slept better last night. i am down to a quarter of the 10 ml pill of valium so about 2.5, but the pill cutter is not good so its not a perfect cut. woke up shaky, and my heart was racing but i do feel nauseous yet! yea! im going to try to spend alot of time with people this weekend. i know this sounds like self pity but i really wish i could spend face to face time with someone who i could tell about the withdrawal. meetings help but my closet friend don't know, it makes it feel like a dirty secret and i hate being dishonest but i know how scarred they would be if they knew i was taper of my old drugs of choice, and they would end it with me. so i wil keep taking with yu because i look forward to it right when i wake up. ok time to go scratch my old black labs belly and put on the cartons for him.

happy friday

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