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today will be my first day without valuim! and i came down 25mgs off the ultram. so now im just down to the 150mgs of ultram (down from 300). im all ready having mental withdrawal about the valium, but it really is a tiny dose so i just might have a good last day similar to denons last day on benzos. the fatigue from the daily ultram is getting really old! i look forward to having a little "zippyness" (is that a worD) . i treated myself to a massage last night but took 2 advil before because i hurt like crazy right after body work (although i feel better in the long run) then i read that you should not take tylenol or advil with ultram, my doc never told me that. what do you think? hey-- i did not chew my pill today! that sounds silly but its a big deal for me to take a pill like a normal person.

im going to try to get some extra exercise today in hopes that it helps me sleep tonight incase the missing benzo keeps me awake.

i have been trying to date lately (scary), and sooner or later the fact that i have a chronic pain disability comes up. its really a frighningthing to share with someone. rejection fears over whelm me. i have a date this week and i thought that it might be ok to take a valium before the date so i dont get nerves. but i wont!!! have to learn to talk about this junk without using drugs to talk about the fact that sometimes i have to use drugs!! hello! my last relationships ended because they felt that there life's were to restricted being with a girl who has fibro. i understand that but it still hurts.
so i will try to remember today that im not the only one with pain, that im not the only one coming off drugs. that seems to help.
have a great week everyone

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