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thank you for your experance with that drug. im very nerves to try it because i have had a hard time with antidepressants, but i'm going to take the 30mg capsule and try just half for a week. if i get manic (only happens on anti depressants) then i will stop.

i did not take extra valume yesterday. my was pain was very tolerable yesterday so they temptation was minimal. on a day when i'm not all balled up from pain it feels like i'm high. i laugh allot, i just have a positive atatude and i get so much done! i'm trying really hard to get the positive and happy in pain or not, not easy but i believe i can get close if i work really hard at it.

i do have a very stressful trip coming up on the 25th (family get together....) and my little addict in my brain said ("hey der don't toss out all that valum before you go to see your family, the pill could make all the difference on weather you have a good time or not!". as long as i let my non-addict friend hold my pills i wont have a chance to mess around.

i am like many of us, my creativity and my work is much more impressive when i'm on medication. that a hard bit of reality to deal with. i get stuck in the cycle that i need money, i take pills, i get work done, i make more money. i had one person tell me to try for disability, it would be better then taking a pill. i really am not open to that right now. i know i need to stay open.

my plan is to stay on taper today!!!!!!! denon i cant think of a fun reward for myself if i make it to my next tapper, any suggestions?

have a great thursday!

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