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hi denon, Hope you can make it until your injection. I'm surprised that your PM doc didn't give you a sample of the new meds (you might call tomorrow and see if they have any if you haven't already unless its narcotic). Wonder if it will help the pain if its non-narc. yet similar to opiate. I'm doing good on the pain- I have not taken ANY norco tabs in 2 days. First time w/out in over year. I have gone one day w/out them before while waiting for o.k. on Rx fill and took ultram in its place (i'm know it's not as strong at all) and I did feel awful... contributed it to pain and just real sore all over so don't know if w/drawal symptoms or not. Since I was taking so many as of 2 days ago I truely believe I would have some form of w/draw if not for the patch which I guess is keeping them at bay. I'm really scared now to have w/draw from opiates now after reading y'alls experiences. Anyway, to get to the point (prob. talking so much from patch- actually feel pretty good/energetic and pain level is about a 5 out of 10)
I Have a little bit of time now ... not sleepy at all so I plan on reading a bit more as well as replying some more.
I'ts amazing how interesting it is to read these boards, esp. ones on pain mgmt., depression and addiction/recovery. Great Site.
thanks again and hope you didn't have too much pain this eve. do you have anything to help you sleep if pain is real bad?
take care

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