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Welcome! As most of us here, have been or are going through the same issues you are. You are NOT alone by any means. You are certainly taking alot of the hydro. The fent patches generally will help you, but I believe you need to "detox" a bit from the hydro so that the fent can build up in your system. My doctor will not give me patches. The strongest med they will give is the hydrocodone which really sucks for me. I am also getting the spinal cord stimulator tomorrow 9/17/09 which I am looking forward to. The trial was helpful. But don't give up, we are all here to help each other, talk about what we are going through and support each other.

I was 19 when I was involved in a major high speed accident with a drunk driver. It left me with 6 herniated disks, hip pain, broke both wrists, and left me unable to walk due to spinal pressure. I was able to heal and relearn to walk again. I also live with horrible, chronic pain everyday as most of us do. I also take several medications for pain. I now am 38, but feel as if I'm 100. Over the last 10 years, my upper back has been slowly hunching over due to the pain and muscle deterioriation. I'm not to hunched over, but enough to notice. I've spend 18 weeks in physical therapy from a cervical fusion and discetomy which failed to help with my pain but it did help with the numbness and loss of motor functions of both of my arms and hands. I am not the same as I was as far as being able to function with my hands and arms but I make due. Some days are worse then others. I also went through a major depression with all of this. I do not sleep well. At best, 4 hours off an on all night. I also need to make frequent positional changes. I cannot lay down for more then a couple of hours, I have to flip flop alot. Now after doing the trial of the stimulator and also getting it installed, I am hopeful that my quality of life will improve some. I personally wish you the best.


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