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Serenity, more than anything I wish you serenity. Your pain sounds so debilitating.

I don't really have a concrete answer for your, but I do want to welcome you to the board, and offer you emotional support.

I can't really answer your question about whether or not you've developed tolerance, or addiction, but my first thought is that your situation appears to be one of tolerance as your current dose doesn't seem to be managing the pain.

Also, it's not clear to me whether or not your difficulty in coping as wife and mother is due to pain medication, or simply the deep physical (and psychological) pain you're experiencing. Perhaps after your next injection, as well as the patch kicking in, it will be easier to distinguish between the two. If the new treatments work and you find yourself able to better manage your personal life, then it would appear that it was the pain causing the family difficulties.

Furthermore, there's yet another aspect that might be considered-- just to add the mystery of it all--and that's the depression itself. We know that depression exacerbates pain, so perhaps seeing a psychiatrist for treatment of that problem might also help.

Taking the Norco (spelled with an "o", although there is a certain amount of humor to be found in calling it "narco" which usually refers to a narcotics agent) for only a year may not have been long enough to lead to a full blown addiction. However, that's how long I took it starting at 5-10 mg 2-3x day and then leading to 30 mg 2-3 x day at about month 6, and if my withdrawal is an indication of depth of addiction it would appear that I wasn't deeply into the physical addiction, although it *is* clear that in my own so- called recovery and relapse that I definitely am addicted.

As you didn't mention any cravings, that might indicate that so far you're not really addicted, at least psychologically, but more in the dependent phase.

The above statements are really only my uneducated assessment and as such are simply offered as something further to contemplate.

May you, and all of the rest of us, find more serenity and peace than yesterday.

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