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Hi Everyone, I've read so many 'threads' and really related to NotPerky in many ways (other than not being perky) so don't know if this is more of a new question-i'm new to the boards- or simply I can relate to so many of y'alls struggles. I have chronic back pain -spinal fusion last year- and still left w/ L4-S1 pain, left leg nerve pain, pins & needles left 'butt', leg & foot and recently found uterine fibroids. The depression, severe insomnia, lack of energy and simply miserable life lately are assumed to be from the pain but very well could be depression w/ just life itself; i am sooo down/sad /frustrated lately. So I really don't know what to ask, discuss or how to put my reply but I am really looking for some support or advice or just someone who might be going thru something similar.

I have recently started SSRI cymbalta for depression but my main issue is pain meds. I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for about year now and can range from 6/day to 10-12/day, most often 10/day.

Main fear, concern is they don't relieve the pain anymore and I'm sure I must be addicted to them as I have not really ever been w/out pain meds of some sort for this past year; either that or major tolerance has developed.

My pain mgmt. doc started me on fentenyl patch (sp?) 50mcg yesterday. I am adamant not to take any hydrocodone as I really want to see if these patches will work (he gave me 10 and need to change every 3 days). I am in quite a bit of pain now and guess they haven't kicked in yet - could take 24 hrs....not happy about that aspect of patch!!!!-- but really don't want to take any narcotic pills (still taking my lyrica for nerve pain, took naproxem sodium for fibroids and to see if helped my back... haaa... and ambien 12.5 for sleep..... still not working for sleep- can't lie still long enough to let it do it's job). PM doc said I could take the narco (sp?) for breakthru pain if needed but really trying to see if can go w/out. I'm scheduled for spinal steroid injection soon but wondering if this patch will help w/ pain until then and also after reading all y'all have said about patches is that they are going to be VERY hard to stop using when I want to stop them. even though I'm sure I'll have to be on SOMETHING for long future unless I have more surgery (which is what last 2 docs opinions were as fusion did not take and L4-L5 is still unstable after fusion w/ rods)as I know I can't live w/ all this pain and depression.

So other than just rambling on, can anyone relate to my situation and have any advice; what else is there other than narco and these patches. If this pain doesn't keep me from getting on w/ my life (stay-at-home-mama) my depression will...and my kids and husband need me and prob. won't put up w/ me much longer. So, Sorry to carry on so long on my 1st real description of my history but would really love to hear from someone.

Also, so sorry you're going through all you are 'notperky' .... I can understand where you're coming from in more ways than one and really feel for you.... have no real advice for you.... but hang in there. I've heard GREAT things about spinal cord stimulator (I want it but can't have it as mine still needs surgery) so I hope you read this and your consult goes good as I really think that will give you relief (like a tens unit but better ) but realistically not as much prob. as all the pain meds.... sorry to say that... hope it didn't sound rude.
take care all of you

(wow... just read all i wrote......sorry!!!!!

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