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I've been on suboxone now for 4 months and also suffer from chronic major depression so have been on an antidepressant for about 13 years now.....I have some of the same symptoms you mention on the subox but can tell you after going cold turkey in rehab, 5 days of detoxing off of hydrocodone, 180-200mg per day and 4mg ativan a day for 6 years, I had unbearable, relentless panic and severe depression. I think it is just a fact that coming off of opiates with not many opiate receptors left, we're going to feel extremely depressed. We're used to having the opiates fill our receptors so we no longer have that "high" but are also living with the damage we've done and the dopamine/seratonin we've depleted so it's a double whammy. The depression I have now I think is tempered a lot by the suboxone. I know it was WAY worse when I was without anything to help fill the opiate receptors. Just a thought....see a dr. and perhaps a mild antidepressant might help for a short period until you build up your natural endorphin supply again. Also, exercise and vitamin B helps along with fish oil and lots of good food and rest!

Good luck!

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