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I have been on and off Suboxone for 4 years (waaay too long) .Most opiates
have depression as a side effect.
In medical studies before it was released for public use they stated it had mild antidepressive effects.Anything that can help depresion can also cause depression as well, this is true with SSRIs.

Buprenorphine(the opiate in subutex and suboxone) is usually administered in MCGs (MicroGrams) rather than miligrams that is why people who take even 2mgs and stop have painful withdrawl and most people do not know this about buprenorphine.What this means is that since the manufacturer of suboxone does not make it below 2mg you have to go down to from 2mg to 1mg (which is half) .90mcgs then 80mcgs 70 mcgs etc so you end up taking little flakes in the end and it is hard to tell what .10 mcg of suboxone looks like. Just shave a bit or smash it and take crumbs. I was able to get off of it only this way.I am now at 2mgs and in 2 weeks will go to one(I relapsed the first time and was not serious about recovery).This way DOES WORK if you have someone other than yourself holding the medication and giving it to you every day.Also suboxone has a half life of 37 hours so taking it everyday is really not needed I take it every other day.
Anyone trying to quit have faith and educate yourself because the drug comapy and your doctor are not the ones that have to go through WD thus they have no real vested interest apart from $.

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