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Hi Michael,
Welcome. I have been on Suboxone for 4 months now after a 2 year battle with hydrocodone addiction, about 180-200mg per day. My doc said to come into the first appointment in "mild to moderate withdrawls". I came in after 22hrs post last dose and did fine. The suboxone works well and quickly. I am on 16mg per day which is an average maintenance dose but I'm looking forward to tapering to 8mg then 4mg then 2mg then off within the next 3-4 months. I've needed to be on this long because I am still having cravings, much more psychological than physical. I still would not trust myself to not return to the hydro if I got off of the sub now. Some need it longer than others. And, you needen't worry about relapsing while you are on sub. I've already tried to take hydro and NOTHING happened. It was like taking a placebo. I even stopped the suboxone for a whole week, but since it's got a very long half-life, I wasn't even able to feel anything from the hydro after a week off of sub. So, I did my little experiment which didn't work and in a way, I feel much safer and relaxed because I KNOW I am unable to get high even if someone were to hand me a bottle of hydro or percocet. I wouldn't want it because I know it wouldn't do anything!
I'm also in an outpatient chemical dependency group which is going well. I went to my first group last night and I think it will be quite helpful. Please keep us updated on your situation. I encourage you to be honest with your girlfriend. It's so much to live with, all of the guilt and shame of our disease and the secrets involved. That's what keeps us sick. We're here for you and I'm so glad you are getting the help you need!

Take care,

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