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Hey guys, I recently drank alot, I'd say about 7 rum&cokes, and in the morning I was feeling terrible. I vomitted a couple times, and noticed blood in one of the vomits. I posted this in the addiction forum because I figured this forum would have knowledge of this sort of thing. Whether you believe me or not I cannot say, but the truth is I am a inexperienced drinker and have only started drinking recently. I do not drink everyday, and would not consider myself addicted. In fact I plan to stop for awhile until I get this whole "blood in vomit" thing checked out. I have only drank heavily about three to four times in my life, and two of those times have been in the last week.

Anyway, I plan to go to the doctor within this week and get this checked out. But in the mean time I wanted to know what you guys think this may be. I was reading a few similiar cases online and hear it can be damage done to the liver, stomach ulcers, and something about stomach lining. Can liver damage be the case for me considering I've only drank a couple times in my life? All together, what do you think this may be? Thanks for your time and any help/info, all is greatly appreciated.
you probably just stressed out your esophagas from hurling....
if it was a tiny amt of blood I wouldn't worry.....

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