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I used to take morphine for my chronic pain. Anyone who has takens pills /used a patch knows about the addiction associated with this form of treatment for pain. My "tolerance" becuase so high that my doctor took me off the two forms of morphine that I was taking and started me on Suboxone.
It worked great. I took it for over a year and never built up a tolerance. After stopping the Suboxone I am now currently only taking Tramadol, and it has really helped.

The reason for this post is to warn peole about Fentanyl Patches. Luckily I never had to start using them. If I hadn't had a doctor start me on Suboxone I might be using them now.
My Dad died March 17th of this year, cause of death: Accidental Death due to Accute Fentanyl Intoxication. When a patient uses the 75mg patch after 24 hours his blood level should have been 1.1 to 2.6. My Dad's blood level was 7.9, all from the one patch that he had on at the time.

Please consider this when talking to your doctor about your pain management. Coming from me, someone that is constantly in pain even with the tramadol.

Beware! Going off two meds such as these at the same time gots my legs crawling. The Patch will be the hardest to go off. And if your going to do it, do the patch first. Fent patches 1/2 life are 72 hours. So the first couple days, hey, you think what's the big deal. Then horrifying reality sets in. I would imagine the norco is for break through pain. If you want to be clean for an employment drug test, don't worry, you don't have to stop taking anything that has a legal perscription. What happens is the testing drug company runs the urine and records it. It is the law that the drug company call you first to verify if you have legal Rxs.
They will then contact your MD for verfication. Ater the results are sent back to the employer it will be negative for drugs. No employer can make you disclose what kind of meds you might be on (privacy). Also people whom are on methadone(with no legal Rx) should not worry too much due to the test for methadone level is super costly. The bummer about methadone is its 1/2 life can go up to 36hrs staying in the blood up to 2 to 3 weeks. Anyway, are you going off because there is no pain? If there is pain, hold up your head proud and deal with your meds. I might have digressed from your post, but it is still good information. Every person I have read about having questions/experience developing into withdrawal, I will write to the people remebering my own induction into Hell. There is a large group of us that are connected through this Withdrawal Phenomenom. We need each other; We are each other. May the Gods bless you and yours and let's have faith in ourselves and each other. I emailed other people I know about you, so please know there are many positive people in Hawaii supporting you with good thoughts. With love and hope.

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