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There was a study done about 10 years ago that found a non-drinking husband will only stay 1 year with an alcoholic wife as opposed to non-drinking wives whom will put up with it for 10 years with an alcoholic husband before they leave (I realize he's your boyfriend). The bottom line is if he will not change of his own free will, you will go down with him if you stay. Similiar thing happened to me. He lost his job, we lost the house and before I would sacfrifice our child, I left him. Six years later he quit drinking and realized what happened. There are many groups out there to help (Al-Anon) that are availibe to help YOU.

You are co-dependent. You are enabling him by staying with him. Run, fly, flee, do whatever it takes but please be free. Your post tells me you are intelligent, compassionate and sincere. Take your life back, the rest will fall into place (with or without him). I did not see the word love in your post. You cannot bargain with someone in that condition. If he can't see what is happening to the relationship (sleeping in the same bed or not) it is only a confirmation of how far gone he is (classic denial). Check out Al-Anon. We are with you.

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